Saturday, April 24, 2010

at last!

The garden is 100% complete! Today I planted the last item, a row of beans. Then I weeded around the existing seedlings, and watered it all. The first batch of seeds that I planted a little earlier are all starting to come up! Onions, carrots, sunflowers, tomatoes, and cilantro, everything except the basil so far, oh and the garlic...I can't really tell if its doing much of anything at this point. The other day I finished spreading out and blending the organic gardening soil, then I planted the rest of the watermelon and pumpkin seeds. I'm not sure if I left quite enough room, since I just read that their vines grow up to 10 feet and take up a good amount of space! I also dug up my tomato plants and gently separated the roots, then re-planted them in smaller groups. I will need some poles for the beans and also some cages for the tomatoes when they both get a little bigger. Until next time.

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