Monday, October 4, 2010

hello, goodbye

As the summer temperatures continued to rise my garden began to dry up more and more each day, despite my watering efforts. I did end up with several small pumpkins and watermelons, but the vines shriveled up so they did not make it to maturity.
freshly tilled garden
Yesterday I began the journey of preparing my winter garden. After I pulled out all of the dried up plant matter I re-tilled the garden soil. Then I mixed in some organic gardening soil and tilled it again, so that my seeds will have plenty of nourishment.
As I was pulling the plants out of the existing garden I noticed something that looked like the top of a carrot. I dug it up and indeed it was a carrot! Actually two of them! I hadn't been tending to them since they were not warm weather vegetables. Now I hope I can grow a nice bunch along with several other things in my new winter garden.

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