Thursday, June 17, 2010

the first harvest

The weather has been so great for gardening this summer. Lots of sun, nice and hot, and a good amount of rain. It feels muggy outside to me but to my plants its like a greenhouse. So, needless to say, they just keep getting bigger and bigger. A week or so ago I actually spotted the first edible things coming to life in my garden. Baby green beans! Today about a handful of them were large enough to pick and eat! Also, some of my sunflowers actually survived the transplant. They have grown to about 4 feet tall so far and two of them have opened up! Not only exciting but pretty! The tomato plants have gotten quite large and are just starting to flower. Hopefully soon some tomatoes will start to grow. And of course the pumpkin and watermelon plants are still going crazy. You really do need tons of space when you grow these. The vines are so long and grow every which way. Some of mine are crawling up and over the garden fence. I have definitely had to do a little trimming.

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